Redefining ABA Therapy

Redefining ABA Therapy

Kyo Regional Director Nicole Ballinghoff sat down with Dr. Gwen of disABLED & Empowered to discuss what Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is and how Kyo is working on redefining ABA therapy. In this talk, they discuss Kyo’s child-centric approach and how it results in fun and effective therapy sessions for children with autism. They also discuss why ABA has gotten a bad rap and how Kyo is working to disrupt that narrative through providing individualized, child-centric ABA therapy.

Watch the full interview below.

Episode 31: Redefining ABA Therapy.


Visit disABLED & Empowered on Youtube to see more insightful discussions and interviews with Dr. Gwen. Dr. Gwen is a clinical psychologist and fierce ally of disabled individuals. She is focused on empowering the neurodiverse community through reliable knowledge, creativity, and skill-building.


If you are looking for tips on using child-centric ABA strategies visit our Youtube channel.

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