Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) Therapy Services

ABA Therapy Tailored to You

Families deserve more options and more flexibility. That’s why we create individualized ABA therapy options based on your child’s unique needs and interests, with dedicated support to help wherever you need it most.

Why Kyo?

Our clinicians are expert at working with each family to create customized learning goals, targeting the skills that are most meaningful to them. Our sessions are guided by each child's unique interests. By incorporating their favorite activities, and by using a fun, quick pace of instruction, we get kids engaged immediately, maximizing their learning.


Meaningful, measurable results


You pick the time, therapist and location


Therapy designed to engage and excite

What is ABA Therapy?

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy is a scientific method of using behavioral principles to improve socially significant behaviors and areas of function. The goal of ABA is to increase independence and quality of life for the child with autism and their family.

ABA therapy is a highly effective treatment that helps people with autism to develop language and daily living skills. ABA can also be used to decrease challenging behaviors, such as aggression or self-injurious behavior.

At Kyo, ABA therapy is naturalistic and fun! The Kyo team uses child-centric, play-based activities to help children meet their goals. By incorporating each child’s interests throughout treatment, therapy sessions are both highly effective and engaging.

Our Services

Support Where You Need It

Kyo’s ABA therapy programs are developed on behalf of children and their families, often in collaboration with school districts and health insurance providers. Kyo is proud to be an in-network provider with most major health insurance plans.


Virtual ABA Support

Telehealth at Kyo makes it easy for families to get virtual support as their child progresses through treatment.

Behavior Consultations

Our consultations offer you an opportunity to connect with a BCBA to discuss behavioral concerns and collaborate on strategies at a time that works for you.

Parent Coaching

Learn ABA strategies and techniques customized for your child, family, and needs, through 1:1 BCBA coaching and live modeling with your child and care team.

BCBA Supervision

BCBAs observe, train, and collaborate with Kyo Behavior Therapists on each child’s therapy program, providing guidance and feedback.

Therapy in Your Hands

Families deserve more options and more flexibility. The Kyo Care app offers clients a convenient way to manage their child’s Kyo ABA treatment program.

Ready to Sign Up?

At Kyo, starting ABA therapy services is easy. You can book an appointment with our Client Services team directly on our website to enroll.