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Behavior Therapists (BTs) help children with autism develop communication and social skills through play-based activities, tracking each child’s progress and modeling techniques for caregivers.


Behavior Therapists receive one-on-one mentorship which enables them to grow with Kyo!


Kyo's Care app enables Behavior Therapists (BTs) to accept or reject changes to their schedule and seamlessly communicate with our scheduling team.


Kyo Behavior Therapists are driven by a shared purpose: to help each child with autism and their family achieve the outcomes that matter most to them.

Kyo Life

My Job as a BT

Being an RBT is a uniquely rewarding experience. I communicate with parents and guardians, run programs, implement behavior plans, and help the child with daily activities. I also observe and take notes to update caregivers on the child’s progress on programs and any new behaviors I’ve noticed. My communication log notes describe the day’s activities for healthcare providers and measure outcomes.


Career Paths at Kyo

Kyo provides BTs with 1:1 mentorship, paid ABA training, a paid Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) credential or state-specific ABA licensure (CBT, RBAI), supervision hours, and tuition reimbursement, to support BTs on their path to becoming a BCBA.

Stories from the Field

Tiffani Wall

RBT - Dallas-Fort Worth
“My client learned new words, and he could use them to make his life more enjoyable. Moments like this happen every day at Kyo. They are what motivate me.”

Daniel Mai

RBT - San Francisco Bay Area
“The small successes we achieve along the way together are what make the journey all the more enjoyable and rewarding.”

Jessica Sotwick

RBT - Denver
“When we began about six months ago, he was only eating four specific foods. With the collaboration of his family and Kyo, he is now eating over 40 different foods!”