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Behavior Therapists (BTs) help children with autism develop communication and social skills through play-based activities, tracking each child’s progress and modeling techniques for caregivers. A behavior therapist might teach a child to identify shapes and colors, or they might teach a child to take turns or ask for help by playing a board game or doing a puzzle together.


Behavioral Therapists receive one-on-one mentorship, which enables them to grow with Kyo!


Kyo Behavioral Therapists are driven by a shared purpose: to help each child with autism and their family achieve the outcomes that matter most to them.


Our Care app allows BTs to easily change their availability and pick up additional shifts.

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Kyo's Behavior Therapist Academy

When you join Kyo as a new BT, you'll enroll in our Behavior Therapist Academy and receive paid Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) training and an RBT credential (over $1,000 value)*, all in under three months. You'll immerse yourself in clinical coursework, learn valuable skills that can lead you to a variety of meaningful careers, and prepare to take the RBT certification exam* while gaining hands-on experience working with kids with autism. When you pass the exam, you will graduate from the Academy!

*State-specific license for OR & WA

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My Job as a Behavior Therapist

Being a Registered Behavior Therapist is a uniquely rewarding experience. I communicate with parents and guardians, run programs, implement behavior plans, and help the child with daily activities. I also observe and take notes to update caregivers on the child’s progress on programs and any new behaviors I’ve noticed. My communication log notes describe the day’s activities for healthcare providers and measure outcomes.


Stories from the Field

Danielle Curimao

RBT - San Francisco
“Being a Behavior Therapist reminds me that learning doesn’t stop, no matter what position you are in. The learners I work with offer teachable moments to me as a Behavior Therapist, and I’m reminded that I’m learning along with them too.”

Daniel Mai

Program Supervisor - San Francisco Bay Area
“When we began about six months ago, he was only eating four specific foods. With the collaboration of his family and Kyo, he is now eating over 40 different foods!”

Briana Matthews

RBT - San Francisco Bay Area
"The most meaningful part of my job is being able to watch my clients meet their goals and make progress. When I first started working with one of my clients, he was completely non-verbal. Now he says “hi!” when I come in and can form four-word sentences, which was really amazing to see."