Make Every Moment Count



Outcomes are the results we can see and feel. Like when
your child learns to say “Mama, I need help” or is able to
sit and enjoy a dinner out.

Kyo holds itself accountable for driving outcomes that are
meaningful and objectively measurable.

We use two measures

  • Achievement of learning goals set by the clinical team and family.
  • Progress on the Vineland‑3™ – an objective measurement tool that is standard in our field.

Kyo’s Child-Centric Approach

Kyo’s motto “Make Every Moment Count” reflects our core mission of
promoting effective and efficient learning that is tailored to each child.
Family time is a crucial ingredient in developing the minds of people
with autism and is important to maintaining a healthy family dynamic.
Kyo clinicians endeavor to preserve family time outside treatment while
maximizing progress potential.


  • Assess. Understand the client’s unique profile and personality
  • Implement. Set treatment goals and schedule that optimizes progress and family time
  • Tune. Measure outcomes; review and adjust treatment accordingly


Families deserve more options and more flexibility. The Kyo Care app offers clients a convenient way to manage their child’s Kyo ABA treatment program.

Kyo’s Client-First App

  • Get real-time updates on changes to your child’s schedule.
  • Easily cancel, rebook, and add therapy sessions.
  • Choose a care team that matches your needs.
  • View your child’s progress and achievements!
Our peer-reviewed research on ABA outcomes

By tailoring treatment to each child's needs, providers can maximize progress for the client, preserve family time, and more efficiently utilize health plan dollars.


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Our Services

Kyo provides therapy tailored to your family. We design individualized ABA therapy based on your child’s unique needs and interests, with dedicated support to help in the areas where you need it most.